When it comes to the distribution of fruits and vegetables, nothing beats the extraordinary service we have to offer. As a trusted trucking company, we provide a full range of services necessary for the distribution of produce to retail markets, food service, and wholesale customers. Thus, for fresher deliveries and better service, contact us today!

Refrigerated transport.

The distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables requires specific conditions to ensure they arrive at their destination in prime condition. Due to their perishability, these products must be loaded swiftly and delivered within recommended temperature ranges. As such, we employ refrigerated transport to provide the best conditions possible.

Panama’s years of produce logistics experience benefits from the use of advanced equipment and facilities for temperature control that guarantee a safe and swift delivery.

Timely Distribution of Produce Means Fresher Supply

If you’re looking for a quality logistics company that guarantees more on-time deliveries and fresher produce with GPS equipped trucks, we’re the place you need. For long-haul transport, we utilize a team-driving approach to pilot the truck while delivering your produce. Not only does this allow us to deliver on time, but also at peak freshness.
Our clients can rest assured that their shipments are handled properly and delivered on time. Partner with us for competitive shipping rates, flexible logistics solutions, and consistent service that reflects our company’s values.

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